Who is in charge of The Web Shelter

The Web Shelter is a service created by Fernando Tellado, well known professional WordPress expert, creator of the biggest WordPress website in Spanish, Ayuda WordPress.

After more than 10 years of consulting, developing, sharing information, and teaching WordPress courses, we needed to offer a professional WordPress maintenance service, to provide everything learned and tested during this period, to offer professionals who use WordPress for their websites and online stores a comprehensive maintenance and hosting service specialized in WordPress, with the guarantee and service of WordPress Help Team..

What the name means

The name, The Web Shelter, honours the aim of the service: to offer a safe and optimal shelter for your website.

In the WordPress maintenance services of The Web Shelter we apply years of experience and knowledge about web systems, maintenance, optimization and WordPress security, exclusively for the customers of the service.

What The Web Shelter offers

In addition, to offer a maintenance service specialized in WordPress with full guarantee, is included free migration and hosting to specially selected servers with the aim of providing fast, secure and optimized for WordPress webs..

Flexible and simple plans and prices